2011 PC game sequels list

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What is this NFS:THE RUN, haven’t they released the NFS:Shift2 few weeks back?


Well seems like they decided to release 2 games this year, but IMO thats a good thing, since Shift 2 isn’t anything special, but The Run is gonna be like a mixture of Underground & Hot Pursuit, in other words being epic. :lol:

Alice: Madness Returns [June 14, 2011] [Released]


Dungeon Siege III [June 21, 2011] [Released]


Might & Magic Heroes VI [september 8, 2011] [Released]


Spider-Man: Edge of Time [October 4, 2011] [Released]


Saints Row: The Third [November 15, 2011] [Released]


Assassin's Creed: Revelations [November 15, 2011] [Released]


Wow! AC:revelations! WOW! Two releases for PC in a year. While in past they always made me wait for PC editions of AC series.

^ Yeah, looks like they are using the same strategy as NFS, i do hope everyone doesn't start doing that, otherwise people would start doing more gaming than working. :D

BTW This new AC is supposedly gonna be the best AC yet, since you'll get to play all three main characters of the series, which are Altair, Ezio & Desmond.

That would be awesome. All three main characters, as the ending of the AC:brotherhood was very astonishing and made me tense OMG what happened here!

only wish i have is that if we could play as Al-mualim from first part.

An a big WOW for torchlight2. I still have it installed on my PC, played it several times. It is one of the mine favourite RPG's(After i've started playing Rpg).

Call of Juarez: The Cartel [september 13, 2011] [Released]


Any info about GTA V?

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Call of Juarez: The Cartel [June 28, 2011]



Call of Juarez wow, what a game the first one was, i will definitely try the sequel

@Shahid20Ten Not much, but this site will keep you updated about that: http://www.gtav.net/

@godfather If you liked the first one, you should definitely play the second one too, you have only 1 month till the third one arrives. :P

2011 PC game sequels list

1. Dragon Age II

2. Gears Of War 3

3. Portal 2

4. Mass Effect 3

5. Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 [July 12, 2011] [Released]


Updated covers & release dates, and removed titles which are delayed to 2012 or above.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North [November 1, 2011] [Released]


Last I checked

NFS:THE RUN is going to be something like TestDrive, and Rally Racing but with cops and robbers and the entire Island being a one big race course divided into parts (like rally racing)


To me, it looks like a hotter, more thrilling open-world version of Hot Pursuit. B)

I am waiting for BF3 :)

Deus EX HR. is good but out of mind...

gameplay is not much better!

tried in on 360!