2 dsl connections on 1 pc


can i use 2 dsl connections on 1 pc?? if yes than plz explain


Yes you can use 1 connection on 1 pc easily..For 2 connections you will have to buy a router with dual connection support.


some intel boards have built-in support but that is W-LAN + GIGA LAN i guess


You will need two LAN card for your PC to connect two dsl.


I have 2 connections (ptcl) and 2 routers myself and when I connect them both into my pc I get an error like windows is already using a connection.... I am not a tech guy but but 2 connections on one computer didnot work easy way.

SECC sounds right, a "router with dual connection support" would be needed. because my system has 2 built in giga network cards and it detects both ptcl connections thru different routers as same conection.


Combining two DSL connections wouldnt be possible (not for better speed atleast).

You can load balance two DSL connections but that wouldnt increase bandwidth.

If you just need 2 combine them for more reliability, use a load balancing router or a software to do the job.

For software load balancing ull need to connect each connection on a seperate netwrok adapter and setup the software accordingly.


kindly give the software nam and plz give information about to combine on network card thanks


its pointless, if its not gonna increase speed...


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its pointless, if its not gonna increase speed…

It’s possible, try www.peplink.com. These devices bond and aggregate all sorts of broadband connections into one.

below is a speedtest of 2 x 1Mbps PTCL lines being aggregated into one.




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can u post screenshot of an actual download?

and does this device also work with torrents?


yes and yes…


Hey Amt4l,

Is this product available in Pakistan?




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yar i think my 512 performs better than ur 2Mbps sometimes



Test the same with different server locations to get an accurate speed test.


yaar koi sasta rasta batao bhai





You do not need to buy a multi-wan router.

You can do it by using http://www.pfsense.com/

Follow instructions in http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/MultiWanVersion1.2


BTW you can also use