1Megawatt wind turbine system for 6.5 carores!


some chineese firms are exporting these wind turbine systems for electricity. You guyz in karachi can avail this opportunity. I guess its enough to power a whole town. So if the residents of a town can invest this is a good opportunity to free themselves from relying on stupid gov power systems.Once installed No need to pay bills to gov.

A good starting point will be to find out how much bill residents of a town pay per year and how much electricity they use. This will help in calculating how much time it will take to recover their investment.


dude if we had 6.5 carores we wont be sittin on a computer and readin ur post..... =D


Plus u need wapda's permission to gnerate ur own electricity beyond a certain wattage, and they wont letting u do it without alot of red tape


Fow self powre consumtion, no one need permission from wapda.


Why didn't wapda buy few of these? :rolleyes:


^ They'd need to buy 4000 of those turbine systems to overcome the energy deficit. :lol:


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^ They’d need to buy 4000 of those turbine systems to overcome the energy deficit. :lol:

My bad. I read it as 1kmw :o


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My bad. I read it as 1kmw :o


1KMW? That should be 1GWatt.

Such projects are not practical on a large scale.


If we could manufacture such turbines locally then the price could be reduced tremendously. Its not rocket science. It only needs initiative by someone.

1GW wind turbines are possilbe . China is building them using Mgnetic levitation technology (google it). Such turbines are known as Maglev turbines. So a couple of such turbines can give us a piece of mind.