100$ laptop

i saw 100$ mini latptop in aaj tv show CTRL+altr+delete can any one tell me where can i get this laptop in karachii??

There are plenty of netbooks available within a $100 range

AFAIK, the "$100 Laptop" or "One Laptop Per Child" are old names of XO-1 project. It is a sub-netbook and not of $100. The actual price is around $199.

It is not available in retail, though you may get it from "Give One, Get One" campaign for $399.

More details at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XO_laptop

any web like galaxy.pk where i can see those laptops

^ Search the Google with "netbook" or "subnotebook". IMHO, you should aim for "netbook".

ASUS EEE is a good one. You may even find it on galaxy or in local computer market.

One more thing to remember, don't expect to play DVD (or movies) in netbook or high-level games. They are not usually design for heavy graphics.

i will use it for my forex charts

^ Wouldn't you be better off using a large display for forex charts instead of a puny screen on the OLPC machine?

^this is what I was thinking...???