000webhost supports co.cc domains?

did www.000webhost.com supports co.cc domain for name server changes?

please please tellllllllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

plz tell me.............!!!!!1

yeah it does...

well the there is nothing to do with the host. just register the domain, go the control panel, point the nameservers to you host.

"nameservers" will be in your email, sent by your host.

then wait for 24-48 hours.

if you can't wait,

then change your local machine DNS settings. from system32/ directory in windows operating system :)

Hello mods! please monitor....


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thanks i have readed it.

this guy even dont know how hosting is or how Internet work !!!!

do you know. how apache or php works? this is a same old story with every newbie in this field. :D